Arayas SuperZoom (1.35)

A small file for a HUGE zoom on map view or taking a job map.

Use it with any map, you will not have problems no matter how large it's your map combination.

Place it above any map. As usual things are maded in two ways, if you use Promods (with or without other maps)

and Standard Zoom, for vanilla map.

NEW!!! V2

The SuperZoom for Promods and Standard one, eliminates closest map zoom crash.


Arayas Supertraffic [1.33-1.34-1.35]

NO fake speed limits, NO broken traffic rules. Just traffic generation. Simple.

A small file reworking the spawn frequency of the AI. Keep in mind, this traffic it’s obtained with g_traffic 1, the

standard traffic unit for the base game. If you like pain increase this from 2-10. 

More trucks in the night, less cars and even less buses (see the video). 

In day time even more traffic, and hard traffic around 16.00 hours.

Place it above any map.


ATS V.1.0 - same as ETS2 mod but with American Truck Simulator particularities


Arayas 1.8 Superlights [1.33-1.34-1.35]

Real lights for AI traffic, light spread on and in the vehicles like in real life, street lights, semaphore glow and light diffuson in the night, increased Ai visibility at night. 


Arayas 1.2 Normal Economy (1.33-1.34-1.35)

Times are hard and nobody's trowing money at you for a simple delivery like standard SCS economy will do. 

Time to corect this:

-normal payments for deliveries.

-hire a bad driver and you may loose money.

-online shoping for trucks and trailers from day one.

-shorter times for deliveries, no more wondering around for nothing

-fair price re-selling your truck

....and more


Arayas BLACK FRIDAY DEAL (1.31 – 1.32 - 1.33-1.34)

In real life if you have money nobody asks about level and experience.

All vanilla trucks and parts unlocked. 

10% off in truck price (more or less)

version 1 - Trucks and parts

version 2 - Trucks, Trailers & parts

Arayas 1.0 Virtual Mirrors (1.31 – 1.32- 1.33-1.34)

This mod replace the ugly virtual mirrors from ETS2.
I have two versions, normal (included in Roextended Map) and small.


Not so usual loading screens (+18)[1.34]

First, if you have more maps holding personalized loading screens, you may not see this because loading screens are

picked randomly by the game from ALL screens available. The logo still stays though.  

If you are bored by the usual or annoying loading screens from SCS or any map, you may want to use this. Loading order

doesnt matter but it's better above maps.

If you have under 18 years, go use the vanilla ones!